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Lyndon Delano Moss

by | Nov 7, 2021

Published by The Supreme Team on November 7, 2021

#Lyndon Delano Moss
Artist Name: Lyndon Delano Moss

Artist Bio

I began playing at around age eleven. A friend taught me the first three chords that I learnt.

Since my father had an entire guitar course, I picked up those books and began to learn guitar theory. That was the beginning of an exciting musical journey.

I've played music as a church musician and as guitarist in a leading gospel band.. I later formed Impac Jazz, best known for playing a wide variety of genres. Impac is acclaimed a leading music band in my country.

We also turned internationally as cruise ship musicians, and have played to audiences from around the world.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Lyndon Delano Moss. Don's Song is an exhilarating, jubilant and celebratory guitar solo that was written in honor of my firstborn son.

I wrote this song as a download from the heavenly realm as I taught Don to walk to a four-four beat.

As a church musician, I had witnessed the way in which people would dance to music as they worshipped. I had a gut feeling that my son could walk to musical accompaniment.

He did and my gut feeling was right. Today, scientists use Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation or strong musical pulsations to help people with movement disorders to walk..

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Song Title: Don's Song

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