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The Hungry And Dangerous

by | Nov 3, 2021

Published by The Supreme Team on November 3, 2021

#The Hungry And Dangerous
Artist Name: The Hungry And Dangerous

Artist Bio

As a band, we all grew up and were inspired by the rock n roll icons of yesteryear, so we wanna continue on the work of there's while paving our own path. Rock n Roll has become a very vague term in the last 10 to 15 years, and we feel it's our duty to carry on the torch and to bring the Rock back to Rock N Roll. I seriously doubt Elvis would be doing TikTok's or a young Motley Crue would be obsessed with doing Instagram live, let's mute the distractions and get back to what made music great back in the day, and that's writing and producing tremendous music.

Tell us who you are:

The Hungry & Dangerous, better known as the vagabonds of rock n roll is an american rock band formed in 2021 by founders Jordan Taylor Moed and Matt Lewis. Ushering in a new era of stadium rock, the band released their debut self title single back in may 2021 and shortly after was offered a label and management deal with Diotima Records. After appearing in some magazines, blogs and gaining rotations on some U.S. radio stations, the band is on its way to rock n roll stardom with their new single, Insomniacs.

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You can find us all on social media’s and TikTok. Our debut album will be dropping in 2022 and you can find all of our current releases here:…

Song Title: Insomniacs

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