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by | Nov 4, 2021

Published by The Supreme Team on November 4, 2021

Artist Name: KahMenCents

Artist Bio

As an artist I can flex with the best of them and not have to talk about drugs trapping shooting anything negative like that. I’m a rockstar hippie life is about partying having fun getting money and getting women. On top I talk about getting money legally and motivate to keep grinding and living your dreams no matter what. I’ve been performing live this year completed my first tour and this December I’m opening for Lil Debbie in California and competing for the Coast 2 Coast Live world championship after winning a spot at a show here in Dallas. I’m very dedicated to my craft and put my all in what I do

Tell us who you are:

My name is KahMenCents I am located in Dallas Texas and what makes my music unique is that I’m just being myself and that’s a unique thing in itself

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Instagram: KahMenCents
Twitter: KahMenCents


Song Title: Cancers Revenge

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